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I appreciate stories like “The Tortoise and the Hare.” It’s encouraging to be reminded that slow and steady wins the race. We get so caught up in the rat race of life that it’s rare to appreciate beauty, peace, and rest.

To what aspects of life does this concept apply? Money, travel, and personal growth come to mind.

I have read many books on finances and wealth-building. Nearly all of them focus on two main principles:

  1. Get out — and stay out — of debt
  2. Saving and investing money slowly but consistently

By living on less than you make, saving steadily, and the wonder of compound interest, anyone will become wealthy given enough time!

We often take for granted how enjoyable journeys are. We impatiently await our destination and miss the wonderful scenery around us. I would rather take longer to get somewhere than get there quicker and enjoy the journey less. This is part of why I love my motorcycle. It takes time to gear up and down on a motorcycle, and you have to stop much more often during a road trip. Still, there is something I can’t explain about getting places slower but enjoying it much more.

Imagine our joy if we consistently chose the scenic route over the shortest route.

And then there’s personal growth, which is often ignored. There is no shortcut; it requires daily investments of time, discipline, analysis, and learning. The best time for this is early morning. This means getting up much earlier than otherwise to have time to concentrate on growth. I remember reading long ago that author and speaker Dan Miller spends two hours every day on his growth. I’ve been aiming at a similar goal for many months, and the contrast between the past and now is startling.

The early morning plots your daily trajectory, so be intentional about it.

Slow and steady wins the race when applied to compound interest, the scenic route, and daily trajectory. What else?