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When Robin Robins was the guest on Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership Podcast, I remember her saying that she has spent around a million dollars on educational and sales materials over the years. This includes sales classes, lecture series, books, DVDs, audiobooks, and who knows what else. Can you imagine having that much — let alone spending that much?!

My take is that she realized several things while she was young and desperately trying to make ends meet:

  • She didn’t know much about sales, but she knew enough to learn from best.
  • She fully realized the need to invest in her own personal growth to succeed.

She understood that you have to constantly learn or else you limit your ability to win.

Before hearing this, wife and I had already begun adding a new line item to our budget: Education. It was a small pool of money dedicated to personal growth through any of the various forms mentioned above. We mainly used it for what I like to call “Growth” books. (Self-help is not our aim; personal growth is!)

We used up the money set aside for Education each month, too. It turns out to be easy to find a book well worth reading if you are yearning. So we began reading more and more. We will likely change the field in our budget to say Personal Growth to reflect the mindset of constant growth and learning.

Wife and I have discussed the need to increase that amount each month, now that we can look backward and see the effect of proactively, continually searching for wisdom. The benefits are tangible, even though we are still amateurs floating in a sea of experts, and will be for many years. We’re not wise, but maybe we will be eventually.

God has much to teach us in the meantime.