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Now that I have been shunning the 9-5 stressful lifestyle for 2+ months, the fog has begun to clear. The ridiculous level of “white noise” I formerly considered normal is fading away to nothing. All of my attention is available, not to mention my time!

This clarity of mind has allowed unparalleled creative juices to flow, where previously they were blocked by 18 months of rigorous training (read: employment). However, please know that I am not the least bit bitter toward my past work experience. I have that to thank for pushing me to the point where I had to move on. For that, I am honestly grateful.

Old me would have been quite freaked out by the concept of running my own business. It still is a daunting thought that requires daily patience and trust that it will work out for the best. With each passing ounce of progress on these possible ventures, an occasional thought crosses my mind, “Why was I so afraid of this again?” That said, I’m ridiculously glad that things are not in my control.

Thank God.