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Haters attack those who are making progress, those who strive to attain
success, those who are not complacent. I honestly can’t wait to be hated by
people, for that will indicate that I’m actually doing something. It
implies that I am creating something worth hating. It will be fascinating
that some people feel passionately enough about my efforts that they get
upset about them.

That’s an amazing thought. Here’s to future haters, because I’m ready to
start producing something worth hating.

The temptation, for whatever reason, is to try to please everyone. A
sensitive part of us squirms every time someone says, “I didn’t like how
you….” and it derails the compliments and encouragement we receive.

Well, here’s the deal. I didn’t begin to enhance efforts / write / blog /
ship / create / design / improve / play violin / develop software / mix
audio / produce / tinker with technology / solve problems / in order to
impress haters — nor will I do so now! I answer to God. He created my
shape and my quirks and my personality and my struggles and my passions.
Though I need to overcome a good number of my intricacies and change for
the best, some of them don’t ever need to change. In fact, I need to
embrace those and worship God by developing and living out as his unique
creation so that I can fit into his Andrew-shaped purpose.

When person A waltzes into person B’s life and expresses disgust at their
efforts, it shows a lack of perspective. What if you had a song stuck in
your head and I tell you it’s the wrong song? How is this any different?
Person B is not an idiot and is doing their best given what they
understand, whether person A respects that or not.

And you know what? It’s not about person A or person B — it’s all about
what God is up to. We can choose to participate or we can be an obstacle,
but either way, he’ll do what he wants.

It’s time to live out my unique purpose as designed by God, and to do so

Haters welcome.