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Tolerance is the most appealing of downfalls. They are happy believing something different? “Good for them.”

Lukewarm passivity is the ultimate cowardice.

Though some will err on being too forcefully opinionated, the topic of discussion today are those that are unwilling to take a stand. Know that I hate needless debate about insignificant matters; this post instead applies to that which is most significant: eternity.

But wait — no need to argue about this stuff. We can both be right…. right?

No. Take a stand. Aim your weapon. Pick your side. Make up your mind. Choosing to stand on the sidelines forfeits your position on the victorious team.

Those who have faith in cults are more respectable than those that watch from a distance, trying not to rock the boat. He who never takes the shot will always miss it. Better to try and fail than be too scared to try.

Tolerance yields participation. Draw a line in the stand and be a person of intolerance in the most important issues.

Actions speak much louder than words, so start speaking as loud as you can. Be courageous and swift, deft and unfaltering.

[Can you tell I really needed to hear this? :P]