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This one time wife and I had been living out of our suitcases – separated from 90% of our stuff – for close to two years, between storage and work travel. We moved in storage, out of storage, in, out, wash, rinse, repeat. Each time, we got more sick of how heavy our furniture was, and how much time it and energy it took to move. It was disgusting how much stuff we had as two people!

Needless to say, between stressing out from work and drowning in our stuff, we burned out.

Thank God! We couldn’t hear God through all the white noise. We are thrilled that we burned out, so that we would realize we needed to quit out jobs and move to be with wife’s mom. If only we had done it sooner! We started getting rid of our stuff in a vehement upheaval of materialism. In a few days we will close our storage unit forever. All of this life experience has built up to a grand change in our lives.

Thus, wife and I are proud to announce Life With Less, a forum slash blog designed to allow communication between anyone interested in minimalism or simplistic living. We previously dealt with a stressful scenario at our previous jobs. Obviously, that time in our lives did not balance a healthy balance between work and life, and we dealt with the imbalance poorly.

PS – Sign up on the LWL forum and consider a radical lifestyle change. Challenge the norm. :D